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Our natural weighted blanket

will give you the good night’s sleep, soothing rest and calm mind you crave.

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Is a lack of sleep getting you down?

Sleep in Harmony’s natural weighted blanket provides Australians with improved sleep, health and well-being.

They're used by young folk and adults who suffer from poor sleep and restlessness that may be caused by:

Stress, Anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleepwalking, Dementia and Mental Illness

Listed on the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), the gentle pressure and comfort of our weighted blankets provide relief from the side effects of sleep deprivation.

How does a weighted blanket work?

Encased deep inside six layers of our comfortable cotton weighted blanket are thousands of tiny, non-toxic glass beads. The heavy weight created by these beads provide a deep pressure stimulation and delicious sensory bliss.

It gives you a feeling of being hugged, helping to ease you into a deeper, relaxed sleep.

Our premium weighted blankets are like a big warm hug that soothes your soul and calms your mind.

Very happy with this blanket - has a nice feel and helps me to sleep better for longer.


There are four reasons why our weighted blanket is a stand-out

Our weighted blankets are super comfy and soft

We stand out for using the most beautiful quality 190gsm cotton thread count. Our natural weighted blanket is made using an innovative knit weave that feels super soft and natural on the skin.

It’s absolutely perfect for the Australian climate. And for people who value comfort and quality fabrics (as well as restful sleep).

Our weighted blankets are pin-drop quiet

It may not have crossed your mind to consider noise when buying a weighted blanket. But you’re not going to get a dreamy peaceful sleep if you hear glass beads tinkling and clinking when you move.

We use a seven-layer design that keeps the beads from shifting and making noise, so you can get the quiet sleep you need.

Our weighted blankets come in all sizes

Weighted blankets are designed to sit on top of the bed, rather than hang over the edge. So your choice of blanket will depend on factors such as your size and mattress type.

Our comfy cotton weighted blankets come in single, large and extra large.

Our weighted blankets are okay for kids

Any parent knows the torment of having kids with sleep problems. Which is why we offer a specific weighted blanket designed for kids. Its smaller size is perfect to lay on a kid’s bed or to snuggle under on the couch.

Pssst! Adults have been known to use this size blanket for sofa time too.

My 11 year old daughter stopped sleepwalking as soon as we started using her blanket. She loves it.


Consider adding a weighted lap blanket to your order

Weighted blankets are not just for the bed. Many customers with anxiety, health and sleep problems buy our heavy blankets for the bed as well as a smaller blanket for their lap.

People with anxiety can use weighted lap blankets while sitting at their desk to work. And elderly often use them to keep warm and calm when not sleeping in bed. They're great for day-time kitty cat naps too.

Firstly I'm sleeping better, the quality of the blanket is great and it's massive.


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I recently purchased a large weighted blanket and it has been amazing! Sleep in Harmony were quick with delivery and the product’s quality is great, highly recommend for a relaxing sleep!


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No more sleepless nights for you or your family. Treat yourself to our premium, natural weighted blanket delivered Australia-wide. 

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