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Large Cotton Weighted Blanket 152x203cm

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Large Cotton Weighted Blanket

Our large cotton weighted blanket has been designed to feel soft and natural on the skin and cool to the touch. Used by tired folk that suffer from insomnia, restless leg syndrome, anxiety and/or stress, the heavy weight of the blanket is both soothing and calming.

How does this blanket work?

A thin layer of hypoallergenic glass beads are embedded between seven layers to weight the blanket for a soothing, restful sleep. This seven-layer design also helps to keep the beads in place so they don’t shift around inside the blanket. This way you’ll have an evenly distributed weight across your body at all times.

But what you’ll particularly love about our large cotton weighted blanket (other than the soft cotton knit fabric) is the fact it truly is large. It is the size of a queen-sized mattress. While many other weighted blanket designs claim to be large, ours really is.

Do you get frustrated when your doona slips around inside its cover?

We’ve solved that problem by attaching 12 handy loops and ties to keep your blanket cover from shifting. This way you can go to sleep and know the cover will remain perfectly in place as you naturally reposition in bed.

It really is all about giving you the sleep you need and deserve.

Is this the right size weighted blanket for me?

Good question. It is recommended the ideal weighted blanket is approximately 10-15% of your body weight.

Our large blanket is available in three size options: 

  • 6.8kg (appropriate for 55-80kg weight)
  • 9kg (appropriate for 80-100kg weight)
  • 11kg (appropriate for over 100kg weight)

This large cotton weighted blanket features:

  • A unique cotton knit fabric cover that stands out for its soft, cool, natural feel
  • Seven-layer design to snugly embed our hypoallergenic glass beads so the weight is evenly distributed
  • Loop and tie system to keep your cover from moving
  • A truly large blanket the size of a queen mattress (Size: 152 x 203cm)
  • Machine washable cover and blanket 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping Australia-wide
  • Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG ID 322573)

Commonly asked questions about using weighted blankets

  • This large cotton weighted blanket is not suitable infants.
  • User must be able to lift the weight of blanket comfortably.
  • Since older adults often have serious medical conditions, we recommend asking a doctor if a weighted blanket is safe for them to use. It also may not be safe for them to use in recovering from surgery.
  • May not be suitable for people with respiratory, circulatory, or temperature regulation problems.

Additional notes: Due to the manufacturing process, blanket sizes can vary slightly.

Are you ready to start sleeping properly and wake feeling calmer and more refreshed?

It’s time to give yourself a big hug with this large, soft cotton weighted blanket. Do yourself a favour and order online now. Afterpay also available at checkout with four affordable, equal payments.

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